Aarhus Denmark Microdialysis Research (ADMIRE) was founded in 2013 and has since then become the leading research group worldwide to use microdialysis for sampling of antimicrobial concentrations in bone and soft tissues. Recently, the focus has expanded to quantification of tissue concentrations of chemotherapy for optimization of antineoplastic treatment and evaluation of ischemic and inflammatory markers in a broad range of tissues. The activity in the group is great with a strong drive for high-quality research and high-impact publications.  

  • Vision 1: To optimize the prevention and treatment of bone and joint infections by optimizing current antimicrobial dosing regimens. 
  • Vision 2: To assess the effect of different orthopaedically relevant interventions and improve the understanding of the etiology of bone and joint infections by evaluating in situ ischemic metabolites and inflammatory protein markers.   
  • Vision 3: To optimize antineoplastic treatment regimens and evaluate local toxicity by measurements of chemotherapeutics in target tissues.